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How You Can Work With Me

Road To Remission

A guided elimination diet, education, and a support system will provide you all the tools you need to reach remission from IC and live the life you desire. 

Who this is for: The IC Warrior ready to make major moves in their IC journey. Must have 3 months to dedicate to the process & be ready to go ALL IN.

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Intro To IC Mini-Course

A 4-week, self-paced education course designed for someone new to IC. Class topics include diagnosis, treatment options, IC subtypes, pain science, mindset, advocacy, & basics of conducting an elimination diet.


Who this is for: The IC newbie wanting to learn more about the condition & how to get on the path to relief.

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The IC Collective

A monthly membership where IC Warriors can connect in real-time, get access to exclusive monthly education webinars from an IC expert, and participate in weekly Q&A's with Callie.

Who this is for: The person looking for a community and education but not personalized advice or guidance.

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