Road To Remission

The Road To Remission is a 12-week transformational program for people with IC. I created this course to be exactly what I wished I knew growing up with IC- there were no programs like this when I was diagnosed!

The program combines a guided elimination diet, educational modules, and a support group to provide you with every tool you will need to reach remission - including me cheering you on every step of the way. I will help you identify your unique triggers and teach you how to live the life you deserve. 

Topics covered in the program: 

  • IC Diet History

  • Digestion and Gut Health

  • Hormones and Sexual Health

  • Macronutrients and Micronutrients

  • Stress Management

  • Flare Prevention and Treatment

  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

  • Exercising with IC

  • Mindfulness 

  • Intuitive Eating


*Courses are taught by either myself or a guest speaker

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R2R Testimonials 

Christie M.

Kerri C.

[Prior to joining R2R] I felt overwhelmed, lost, confused, frustrated, hopeless, and felt my overall happiness fade due to my recent diagnosis I was yet so unfamiliar with. I was feeling like I couldn’t get in control of my body and my flares and I felt genuinely so sick physically as well as the emotional and mental toll it was taking on me.

I can confidently say that recently I have not been having many flares!!!! I have been able for the most part to find out what triggers my IC, or what Callie has mentioned, what the solution to my IC puzzle is! I have managed to figure out what food triggers me, managing some of my symptoms through pelvic floor PT, and learning that stress plays a key role with my IC. I have now new found methods to help my IC and not harm it! I learned ways to also manage when I do have a flare up. I am so much happier due to me feeling confident and in control of my IC and not letting it control ME!

I have so much more confidence on how to manage my life with IC. I do still have moments where it feels overwhelming or stressful especially during a flare, but I know it is only temporary pain. This journey also has opened my eyes on the important of managing my stress and taking care of my mental health because it really is linked to my IC. I am still worthy even with IC. IC doesn’t define who I am!

-Nadia C., R2R member

I still have symptoms but I feel more in control of the illness. Now I am actually following a proper elimination diet. I was trying to follow this diet with really no guidance from anyone and I was failing at it. Now I have been able to have a more normal life, with much less frequency and urgency than I have in the past year. This gives me more confidence to handle any upcoming issues as they may arise.

I chose to invest in myself and my well-being. I selected Callie because I had attended a free webinar she hosted and she has a logical approach which I appreciate, as well as having the illness too.


I was motivated to join R2R after having tried and failed at doing an elimination diet on my own with no success as well as having the desire to improve my life.

Now, I can eat mango, blue cheese, cooked onions, cinnamon, and bananas. I learned I can have small amounts of wine and kiwi. As for supplements I have changed several of them over to safer choices for people with IC.

-Anonymous R2R member