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Gianna's Story

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How Road To Remission helped Gianna cut her interstitial cystitis pain in HALF

What she had to say...

"My name is Gianna and I've been a part of Road to Remission for about 7 months now.


My journey really starts off about 6 and and a half years ago when I started having symptoms of IC. It started out as a really bad UTI that I unfortunately let go untreated for a little bit too long and then the symptoms just never went away.


Before Road to Remission, my quality of life was very poor, I was very terrified of the future with this illness and it just made me feel so hopeless. Road to Remission really helped me have more of a structured lifestyle when it came to attacking this head on.


One of my favorite parts of Road to Remission is all the other IC Warriors that I get to connect with because they're the only people who understand exactly what you're going through and when and they're the only people who can offer you advice and truly understand where you're coming from. This program has really improved my quality of life! It's so much better now, I went out for the first time in probably a year last weekend and I was able to have a couple drinks and I can now do that with more confidence.


Whereas before I was just so scared that I would flare. Now I can do things like going out with friends, eating out at restaurants and not be scared of what I'm putting in my body or what I'm doing in terms of activities.


I'm much happier and less anxious because of this program. It really gives you the tools and the support that you need in order to get through this and to be able to reach remission because it is possible!


While I have not reached remission yet, I know that I will.


I hope that you know if you're at this point where you don't know how to continue with your life and what to do that you choose to join Road to Remission!


I mean in terms of foods, the things that I can eat now are ketchup, chocolate, strawberries, onions, garlic, ginger, and I'm still testing so the list keeps growing.


So if you're considering Road to Remission and you're just not sure, I hope this gives you the extra push that you need to join because this has given me so much support and the tools that I've needed to be able to learn more about myself and my root cause.


That's such an important piece of our IC puzzle that isn't taught to us when we're diagnosed. We're given all these drugs and all these treatments that are super invasive and that might not even work and could make you worse.


What I would say to you is to choose Road to Remission before you do anything else because the education in this program is unmatched by any doctor as well as the support and the experience of all of us that are in it together.


I was able to identify my root cause only because I had been talking with other IC Warriors and bouncing ideas off of one another in the weekly calls that we have twice a week.


Minor anxiety and an unregulated nervous system as well as public floor dysfunction, that's just what I've learned about myself. I didn't think that's what my issue was, I thought it was food so there's so many moving parts and the treatments that the doctors offer are not unique to us and R2R's approach really is the only solution in my opinion


I might be biased because I do love Callie but I hope this gives you the extra push that you need to move forward with this and I wish that I had signed up sooner."

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