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Are you ready to minimize your IC symptoms and gain confidence back with eating?​

Does this sound like you?

You have IC and are frustrated after having tried various treatment methods but not getting any relief in your symptoms.

You have tried following the IC diet for weeks (or even months) but are struggling to identify which foods and beverages you are uniquely sensitive to.

You have been restricting your diet for so long that you are concerned you're missing out on essential nutrients that promote healing in your body.

You are ready to take action to learn your dietary and non-diet triggers.

You are tired of taking Prelief all the time and taking multiple supplements that you have no idea are working.

You are looking for accountability in learning your triggers and the support of a community of women in the same situation as you.

After this program, you will.….

Have your symptoms managed and have the confidence and the energy to start living the life you want in 3 months time.

  • Have significantly reduced your IC symptoms

  • Have the potential to reach IC remission

  • Have the confidence to manage flares if they pop up 

  • Have the knowledge and confidence to eat to nourish your body

  • Have a family of women who support you through the ups & the downs of IC

  • Have a Registered Dietitian on your team for lifetime support

Road To Remission Results

How I will help you achieve your results:

LIFETIME SUPPORT & ACCESS - once you are in the R2R community, you're in it for life!


Unlimited access to private Facebook group to ask questions, support one another, celebrate wins, and cultivate life-long relationships


Bi-weekly group coaching calls to learn from and support one another, as well as accountability from the group, mindset checks, and personalized guidance through your IC journey

Access to IC-friendly recipe database

Weekly review of food & symptom logs from the Callie K Nutrition Team


Food logs & symptom tracker template to help identify patterns and learn all of your triggers


12 weeks' worth of education classes teaching you about IC, nutrition, and other related topics (total of 20+ hours of education)


Two 1:1 coaching calls with me to discuss your nutrition goals and tailor the elimination diet to YOU


3 months of a guided, personalized elimination diet to learn your unique dietary triggers

Road To Remission Includes

Access to IC Recipe Database
Weekly review of templates/logs for 12 weeks
Two 1:1 calls with Callie
Biweekly group calls for LIFE
Education course (over 20 hours of education)
Personalized elimination diet

Hear From Current & Past Clients

Hi, I'm Callie.

I'm a Registered Dietitian with over 4 years of experience in the field, and a little under 2 years specializing in Interstitial Cystitis (IC). I founded Road To Remission because I know how it feels to be diagnosed with IC, handed a piece of paper telling you "what foods to avoid" and sent on your merry way by a doctor. 

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