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Julia's Story


How Julia decreased her interstitial cystitis and believes she can reach remission from IC

What she had to say...

"My name is Julia I was diagnosed with endometriosis and IC last year.


I felt so alone, so scared, so confused.


I was so lucky to find Callie's Road to Remission program very early on in my diagnosis because I really don't know what I where I would be at this point without the program.


Just to be able to have a community of support, the weekly group calls, the Facebook group, I no longer feel isolated with my condition.


I feel that I constantly have support! The fact that Callie has IC herself just gives that next level of trust and understanding. The other nutritionist, Beverly, on Callie's team is so amazing and so helpful.


This program's been a lifesaver for me. I was able to travel two weekends back to back in August and it was the first trips I've taken since my diagnosis and without this program I know I wouldn't have done so well on my trips.


I was able to eat a lot of different foods and not feel so scared and actually be able to enjoy myself and this program has given me so much hope for my future.


I am still investigating my diet triggers but I believe that I found my probable root causes which are pelvic floor dysfunction and nervous system disregulation so I'm working on that and I know that I have the support and the tools to hopefully get to remission soon!

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