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This is a bundle of my three most popular E-Cookbooks!


IC-Friendly Summer Eats: A collection of 50 summer-themed, IC-friendly recipes. Includes recipes for: dressings, sauces, grilled entrees, salads, sandwiches, desserts, and mocktails! Recipes hand-selected by two Registered Dietitians specializing in IC.


Mocktails & Party Snacks: An E-Cookbook with over 55 recipes for bladder-safe mocktails & party snacks.


IC-Friendly Smoothie E-Book: In this E-Book, you'll find 10 smoothie recipes that are bladder friendly per the Interstitial Cystitis Association's IC diet list.

*These recipes are NOT low in oxalates or histamines. If you are concerned you are sensitive to either of these nutrients, test them during an elimination diet.



*THIS IS AN ELECTRONIC BOOK. You will NOT get a physical copy of this book.All Cookbooks will be in one PDF file.

IC-Friendly Summer Eats, Mocktails & Party Snacks, & Smoothies E-Cookbook Bundle

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