I help people with Interstitial Cystitis 
(IC) to minimize symptoms by identifying their unique dietary (and non-diet triggers.

I help clients go from a life full of painful IC symptoms to decrease their symptoms and heal their bladder through identifying personal trigger foods. I can teach you how to eat without unnecessary restriction. IC is not a death sentence - we just need to work to make your bladder healthy!

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Sue S.

Thanks to the Road To Remission program, I now understand how to use an elimination diet to identify my unique triggers. I found I can tolerate so many foods and beverages that I thought I had to give up forever because of this diagnosis. Callie has taught me to never give up and to keep going despite the obstacles. IC can be overwhelming by yourself and others need to have Callie on their team. She has helped me so much in understanding how to solve my IC "puzzle".


Kerri C.

Callie makes me feel brave to try new foods and gets me excited to cook again.

If I need a little push to try a new food or supplement, she is just a text away and immediately gives me confidence to go for it. My favorite part about my time with Callie is that I finally have hope instead of despair with this illness. I trust her expertise and experience, and she has helped me so much! 


Natalie S

Before working with Callie, I wasn’t able to leave my house to go grocery shopping. Now I’m able to go run errands, visit family and participate in social functions without pain or worrying.  My frequency and urgency has improved a lot since beginning the Road To Remission program. I used to use the bathroom 12-15 times per night and now I’m down to only 1-3 times per night!