I help people with Interstitial Cystitis 

(IC) to lessen symptoms by identifying their unique dietary triggers.

I help clients go from a life full of painful IC symptoms to decrease their symptoms and heal their bladder through identifying personal trigger foods. I can teach you how to eat without unnecessary restriction. IC is not a death sentence - we just need to work to make your bladder healthy!


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Calm Sea


Hi! I'm Callie, a Registered Dietitian based in PA.

I have suffered from IC since I was very young. I remember being in grade school and I would hold my bladder until I got home because I knew I would be in pain and did not want to face it at school. I first spoke up to my mother about it when I was in high school. I then fell into a rollercoaster ride of emotions as I was shuffled back and forth between doctors who did not know what was wrong with me. 

Fast forward to college and I had tried every treatment method available at the time. I had to be my own advocate because doctors would just toss me to the side. I felt alone and like I couldn't talk to my friends or family about my bladder pain because it was such a "taboo" topic. Once I realized a lot of my symptoms could be alleviated through my diet, I entered the field of nutrition in hopes of to eventually helping others suffering from the same condition.