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"No"mato Pizza Sauce

This recipe is from an IC Safe Cookbook.


1 14 oz can of sweet potato puree (or you can do 1 1/2 - 2 cups of fresh cooked sweet potato)

1 14 oz can of beets drained

1 14 oz can pears drained

1 cup pure pear juice (make sure IC friendly)

3 roasted red peppers


To roast red peppers

Coat them with olive oil then add oregano, garlic powder, basil, pepper, sea salt and whatever kind of seasoning you want and can tolerate. Use lots. Cook until tender. I then put them in a container for 15 minutes to loosen skin then I peel them.

Put all Nomato ingredients into a blender and puree. I then add more seasonings to taste. Simmer on stove top for a while to increase the flavors. Spread on rust then add more oregano. It makes a great tasting pizza sauce.

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