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Pesto Pasta Salad

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

This recipe was created by Kerri Cole (@icfood4u). From Kerri "This is a great side dish to make up for all your outdoor barbecues. It's fast, delicious, and can be made ahead of time. I have also made this dish warm and added chicken and used roasted red bell peppers instead of raw."


1 pound bowtie pasta, cavatappi, rotini or tortellini, cooked 3/4 cup pesto (see previous post for recipe) 1 cup of red and yellow bell peppers, chopped 1 cup mozzarella pearls, drained chickpeas, drained (optional) pine nuts (optional) black olives (optional) kosher salt and pepper olive oil, if needed

Directions: 1. Toss all ingredients together except the mozzarella.

2. Refrigerate until cold. 3. Just prior to serving, add the mozzarella and additional olive oil if it seems a little dry. Enjoy!

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