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Interstitial Cystitis Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

IC Warriors: With the holiday season approaching, share this list with your loved ones to give them ideas for gifts that are IC-friendly! Or treat yourself to something on the list - you deserve it!

Loved ones of IC Warriors: Want to get your IC Warrior a gift but don't want to get something they can't use (or eat)? Use this gift guide to buy them something they will LOVE. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post your question in the comments or ask your IC Warrior.

I will link in any discount codes I have to help provide additional discounts :)


Tyler’s Acid-Free - This is a great acid-free coffee, and tastes good!

Promo code: Use code CKN2021 for 10% off your order.

Dandy Blend Coffee Alternative- Dandy Blend is a caffeine-free herbal beverage and coffee alternative made of only four ingredients. I've never actually tried this but I've heard good things!

Puroast Coffee - Another low acid coffee. Their website claims, "Puroast’s proprietary roasting technology lowers pH by 70% giving you symptom relief from heartburn, acid reflux, and other stomach problems".

Brazilian Gold Coffee - May not be the first coffee option I'd recommend for someone trying coffee, but the owner of this brand describes their coffee as a "mild acid" and told me Brazilian coffee generally has a milder/lower acid content than other coffee brands. Might be better suited for someone who knows they can tolerate a lower-acid coffee.

Teecino - has a variety of herbal coffees & teas. Make sure to check the label and cross-reference with the IC diet list.

Buddha Teas - Chamomile, cornsilk and marshmallow leaf are a great place to start. Buddha uses bleach-free tea bags (yes, you need to start checking this) that do not include any harmful chemicals that are linked to causing certain diseases.

Food items

Baking soda - I like Bob's Red Mill. We use this to mix with water during a flare-up.

Coconut Aminos - a great substitute for soy sauce in cooking!

Banza Pasta- An IC-friendly pasta that is made from chickpeas & is high in protein.

Boom Chicka Pop- Popcorn is bladder-friendly (still check the label).

Vanilla Ice Cream - A bladder-friendly dessert that someone with IC can enjoy.

White Hot Chocolate - A tasty comfort beverage.


The Interstitial Cystitis Solution (Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS) - A fantastic introduction to interstitial cystitis (IC). Perfect for beginners or loved ones of people with IC.

Why Pelvic Pain Hurts (Adriaan Louw, Sandra Hilton, Carolyn Vandyken) - This book came recommended by my pelvic floor physical therapist. It was the simplest read ever. And I don’t mean this in a bad way. Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to get your point across.

Between The Hips (Megan Rorabeck, PT, DPT, WCS) - Explains everything you need to know about your pelvic floor. Offers an in-depth overview of the pelvic floor anatomy. Every single woman (literally anyone with a vagina) should read this book.

IC 101: It's Not Just A Bladder Disease (J. Osborne, G. Grissom Sandler, A. Sandler) - This book is similar to The Interstitial Cystitis Solution in that it provides a fantastic overview of IC. Every person with IC should read this!

IC Cook Book - There are many available that provide ideas for cooking.

Here's a few:


West Coast Mint D-Mannose Powder - One of the only US-Sourced D-Mannose Powder Supplements on the market for Urinary Tract Support. Can be taken 1 to 3 times daily, mixed with water, with or without meals, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Promo code: Use code CKN15 for 15% off your D-Mannose.

Bonus: they offer free shipping on all orders!

Desert Harvest Aloe Vera - Preserves glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which adhere to the bladder mucosal lining, preventing potentially irritating solutes in the urine from reaching the bladder wall with its high concentration of nutrients. Also try their Releveum® All-In-One Skin Repair Cream. If they don't offer free shipping, head over to West Coast Mint and buy from there for free shipping!

Pumpkin Seed Capsules - Perfect for a person who struggles with frequency. Try Life Extension, they are a reputable brand!

Prelief - A great way for IC sufferers to enjoy foods that have a high acid content, such as tomatoes, citrus, coffee and alcohol. It can help us to not feel left out when out with friends or family!


Heating Pad - For those days when we're not feeling up to par.

Lavender Eye Pillow - For additional relaxation.

Perineal Ice Pack- Great for applying cold to the pelvic floor.

Fire Crotch Fairy products - Has a variety of natural products that help manage symptoms. My favorite is the Fire Crotch Balm - it feels like IcyHot without the hot!

Online TV/Movie subscription - Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max.....anything for those days we aren't well enough to leave the house.

Meal Delivery Service - A month or two of Hello Fresh, Green Chef, or a similar service can be helpful for our dietary restrictions. Even a service like Instacart or Shipt can be helpful to avoid over-exerting ourselves going to a grocery store.

ICN Food List App - Provides a quick-reference list for people with IC when they aren't sure if a food or beverage is bladder-friendly.

Curable App Subscription - Curable is an online program and app designed to help people with persistent pain reduce their symptoms and calm their nervous system.

Cozy blanket - I promise it helps!!

Clothing - If you know your loved one's size, get them a pair of comfy sweatpants!

Candle - Buy your IC warrior a yummy candle! Make sure it's paraffin-, phthalate-, and lead-free. Here's an article on candles to learn more.

IC Optimist Subscription - The Interstitial Cystitis Network comes out with a quarterly newsletter that you & your loved one can read together!

Donate to IC foundations. Try the IC-Network,, or directly to research. Easy-peasy.

Massage Gift Card - Help your IC Warrior relax with a massage!

Reusable Water Bottle - Give the gift of hydration!

Epsom Salts - Perfect if your IC Warrior likes to take baths!

Road To Remission Membership - A program created by Callie K Nutrition that combines an elimination diet, education, and a private support group to help your IC warrior identify their dietary triggers, learn about the condition, and gain support from other people who can relate. To learn more about how you can help your IC Warrior pay for the program, send an email to or visit

Hopefully this guide helps you ideas for giving a gift of comfort, relaxation, or education to your IC Warrior. If you have any questions, post them in the comments.

Happy Holidays!


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