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Interstitial Cystitis Holiday Gift Guide (2023)

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Quick note: I’m a proud affiliate for some of the companies I talk about in this post, meaning, if you click a link and make a purchase, I will make a commission at no extra cost to you. My recommendations are based on my experiences with and knowledge of these companies and products. I recommend them because I genuinely believe they can be helpful and useful on your IC/pelvic health journey, not because of the commissions I may receive. To read the full Callie K Nutrition Affiliate Statement, click here.

The holiday season is upon us!

Last year's gift guide went so well that I had to do it again! This is a comprehensive guide of products you can splurge on for yourself or send to a loved one asking what to get you for the holidays this year. These are all products or services I have either tried myself or have had multiple people vouch for in the IC/pelvic pain community.


Food Products

I put together an IC-friendly food list on my Amazon Storefront - check it out here.

Seeds - For the woman wanting to try seed cycling, check out this Seed Cycling Kit from Funk It Wellness. Their founder is a Hormone Dietitian and really knows her stuff. Seeds have

typically been classified as a "try it" item on the IC diet lists, but in my professional experience, they are typically well-tolerated. If you are concerned about being sensitive, test a small amount over a 3-day period. Use code "CALLIEKNUTRITION" for 15% off.


Tyler’s Coffees - Probably the most popular coffee in the IC Community - and it tastes good! Per their website, "Tylers Coffee is the world's First and Only Acid-Free coffee". Try the decaf for a bladder-friendly coffee beverage!

Teecino - Coffees and teas made from mostly bladder-friendly ingredients (always read the label!!) Use code CALLIEK for 10% off your order.

DandyBlend Coffee - A caffeine-free herbal beverage and coffee alternative made of only four ingredients: Roasted barley extracts, roasted rye extracts, roasted dandelion root extracts, and roasted chicory root extracts.

Full Leaf Tea Company Bladder-friendly teas from this company include peppermint,

chamomile, fennel, and lavender. Use code “CALLIEKNUTRITION” for 20% off your purchase.

Big Heart Tea Try the Royal Treatment or Chamomile Mint. Use code “CALLIEKNUTRITION” for 10%


Desert Harvest Aloe Vera - If you've been in the IC community for some time, I'm sure you've heard the name Desert Harvest before. Per their website, "Desert Harvest has spent over 27 years supporting the IC community with the highest quality and highest concentration of 100% organic freeze-dried Aloe per capsule with no fillers, anthraquinones, or insoluble fiber.

All Desert Harvest Aloe Vera products are formulated specifically to maximize the benefits of the entire Aloe leaf to capture the plant's fullest potential and all products are paraben-free and have no fillers, artificial ingredients, or artificial preservatives." I recommend this to most people with IC because of the way they process and the research studies they have completed. Use Code CKNUTRITION22 for 10% off (can’t stack codes)

West Coast Mint (WCM) - The main product WCM sells is D-Mannose, which is very effective at soothing the bladder and urinary tract. It can help calm things down during a flare and reduce symptoms. D-Mannose helps to calm the bladder and promote tissue healing. It is a glyconutrient, which is a class of molecules that help support cell-to-cell communication. WCM also sells other supplements. Use Code CKN15 for 15% off D-Mannose

Prelief - A person with IC's best friend. Taken with acidic food to neutralize the acid, decreasing the chance of a flare-up. I always recommend conducting an elimination diet to learn your triggers first, so you're not blindly taking Prelief every time you eat or drink.

Marshmallow Root - Can have a calming or soothing effect on an irritated bladder. Can be taken as a supplement or in a tea.



Jockey - My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE underwear. 'Nuff said.

Knix - One of my favorite underwear brands (the other is Huha), these undies are suuuper comfortable. They even have period panties for anyone who wants to go pad- or tampon-free!

Nyssa - This brand advertises they are for postpartum women, but to be honest a few of their products are great for IC and/or pelvic pain. You NEED to check out their Fourthwear Postpartum Underwear + Ice/Heat Bundle. Game changer.


Who doesn't love a good pair of joggers? My absolute favorite pair of joggers are from Vuori. Or, for half the price you could get these duplicates (or these) on Amazon.

These sweatpants from Target are the comfiest thing you'll ever wear. I'd recommend sizing down because they are long!


First, a few shameless plugs...

The IC Collective - A monthly membership where IC Warriors can connect in real-time, get access to exclusive on-demand education webinars, and participate in a monthly Q&A with Callie.

Who this is for: The person looking for a community and education but not personalized advice or guidance.

Cost: $27/month (3 months required before you can cancel).

Intro To IC Mini-Course - A 4-week, self-paced education course designed for someone new to IC. Class topics include diagnosis, treatment options, IC subtypes, pain science, mindset, advocacy, & basics of conducting an elimination diet.

Who this is for: The IC newbie wanting to learn more about the condition & how to get on the path to relief.

Special Black Friday Offer: Get $100 off (total cost = $395). Offfer expires 12/1.

PelvicSense - For the IC Warrior struggling to down-regulate their nervous system. PelvicSense was created by Evelyn Hecht, a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. "PelvicSense provides the know-how you need: education, calming mind exercises and gentle progressive body exercise videos - to create the ease in your body you've always wanted."


Here are a few of my favorite books for people struggling with IC, pelvic pain, or sexual dysfunction.

I LOVE this book. It was recommended to me by my pelvic floor PT and is such an easy read. It teaches you about the nervous system and how it can be affecting your interstitial cystitis and/or pelvic pain.

I just finished reading this book and was blown away by how good it was. If you want to learn more about nervous system dysregulation and how you can start on the path towards regulation, this book is for you!

The IC Solution This book is a fan favorite in the IC community. Written by Nicole Cozean, DPT, WCS, and Jesse Cozean, this book covers all the bases of IC. If you're new to IC, this should be a Christmas or Hannukah gift you ask for.

The Musculoskeletal Mystery Written by Ingrid Harm-Ernandes, a pelvic floor physical therapist and new friend of mine, this book is a must-read for both patients and practitioners. This book is a collection of information designed to help you feel less alone on your journey. It contains information aligned with the most current science and illuminated by the stories of real patients. "Armed with the knowledge in this book, Ingrid’s patients have gained a growing understanding of their pelvic floor, pelvis, and beyond and this has transformed their relationship with their own bodies. Ingrid’s pelvic physical therapy patients inspire her with their progress every day."

Come As You Are This book definitely changed my life. If you're dealing with low sex drive or other intimacy issues, this is a must-read!

Between The Hips I think any woman, pelvic floor issues or not, should read this book. 'Nuff said.

The Body Keeps The Score - Written by a psychiatrist noted for his research in the area of post-traumatic stress. I have heard SO many good reviews about this book and it's next on my "to read" list.

IC 101 - It's Not Just A Bladder Disease - Written by Jill Osborne, the founder of the IC Network, this book gives a great overview of IC. "[The book] is written for newly diagnosed patients who want to find the most effective treatments for their unique case of IC. It explains the diversity found in the IC patient population and how the use of subtypes will help them prioritize treatments and find relief more quickly. It reviews current treatments, the best self-help strategies, diet and flare management tips, the importance of pelvic floor rehabilitation and much more."


More shameless plugs coming in 3, 2, 1...

IC Friendly Holiday E-Recipes - Contains a collection of 30 IC-friendly holiday recipes! *Does contain a few recipes with "try it" ingredients that can be omitted.

Mocktails & Party Snacks E-Cookbook - For the person missing alcohol, or just wanting something other than water this holiday season. Or maybe you want to pretend you're drinking alcohol...either way, no judgement here!! Oh, and we threw in a bunch of yummy appetizers you can bring to the next social gathering.

IC-Friendly Summer Eats E-Cookbook - It's obviously winter but I couldn't leave these recipes out of the gift guide!

IC-Friendly Meal Plan - Our IC Meal Plan helps to make living with interstitial cystitis easier by giving you access to dietitian-approved dishes that are bladder-friendly and delicious. With a variety of options to choose from, you can enjoy meals that both your mouth and bladder will love. All meals are designed to help reduce bladder irritation and improve your overall health. Enjoy the convenience of having your meals planned for you and start feeling better today.


Pelvic Wands/Dilators

Intimate Rose Pelvic Wands and Dilators - If you're in the market for a pelvic wand or dilator, Intimate Rose wands are covered in "silky smooth, non-stick, BPA-free, medical-grade silicone for your comfort". Use code CALLIEK for $5 off

EZ Magic Pelvic Therapy Wand - "The EZ Magic Pelvic Therapy Wand is a safe and effective tool that can be used both by a Physical Therapist and at home to help with pelvic floor muscle release, massage, and relaxation. This patented, ergonomically shaped wand is made of non-porous, hypo-allergenic medical-grade borosilicate glass that can be used internally (vaginally & rectally) plus externally (including the perineum) to release pelvic floor tension." - Desert Harvest Website. Use code CKNUTRITION22 for 10% off your first order.


Foria - If you have pelvic pain, check out Foria's Relief Melts (suppositories) with CBD and Relief Salve with CBD and Kava! Use code CALLIEKRAJCIR20 for 20% off your purchase.

Desert Harvest CBD - Desert Harvest is truly doing the most (in the best way).

From DH: "Our CBD capsules are the first-ever on the market to include Aloe Vera to increase the absorption of CBD into the bloodstream. Our Super-Strength Aloe Vera powder allows the body to absorb vitamins and nutrients easier in the stomach, and the same applies to CBD. According to a study performed at the University of Colorado iC42 Lab, our CBD capsules showed a 25% higher level of absorption into the bloodstream than off-the-shelf CBD capsules with no agents to increase bioavailability."

Hydromate - Struggling to hit your hydration goals? Get one of Hydromate's water bottles with motivating phrases to help you hit those water goals! Get 15% off with code “CALLIEKNUTRITION”

Azo - Flares can pop up at the most inconvenient times. Stock up on Azo to manage a flare ASAP!

Heating Pad - This heart shaped heating pad is perfect for someone who struggles with pain related to IC or endometriosis.

Portable Toilet - Pee on the go with this unisex portable toilet. Good to have just in case or to use whenever!

Travel Pill Case - In the market for a new pill case? This one is perfect for the person who needs to take meds and/or supplements in the AM and PM!

Firecrotch Balm - My holy grail for bladder/urethral burning. Also perfect for vulvodynia (same with Releveum by Desert Harvest). Get it here.

V-Magic - This was recently recommended to me by my IC doctor. "Hydrate and rejuvenate your most intimate areas with Vmagic, an organic vulva balm and feminine care product that moisturizes soothes, protects, and calms sensitive, tender skin for a joyful return to pain-free intimacy."

Coconut Oil - This organic coconut oil by Conscious Coconut is cold-pressed and never exposed to any harsh or toxic chemicals. This processing method ensures that it retains its powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties! I use it as a sexual lubricant, or you could use it for a massage or on sunburn! Get 10% off with code "CALLIEKNUTRITION".


I hope this holiday gift guide helps you find relief this holiday season. If I missed a product that you LOVE, comment on this post or send an email to

XO, Callie

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